Reintroduction Days 33-35

So I’ve gotten a little behind with my blogging. With everything else going on my life it’s no surprise, but I do want to keep this long so I can keep track of things better. The good news is that the rice seems to of had no negative affect on me at all! I really don’t know what I would’ve done if I had to eliminate it from my diet, so that’s a really good thing.

Another really good thing is that I am definitely getting physically stronger even through this process. My hiking has been good, and my energy level has been good. And I managed to lose another pound when I weighed this morning, so the benefits are still plentiful even though I’m no longer eating such a pure and clean diet. That’s encouraging to me.

I did test corn. Two days ago I made a corn bread that was just corn flour and rice flour and ate that ar breakfast and lunch. Then at dinner I added some corn chips to my Mexican meal. Unfortunately I can’t really tell if corn had a negative affect on me because I also succumbed to some candy. The candy not only had corn in the form of sugar but it also had dairy. However I did react to something. The next morning I woke up with a headache, my eyes were watering, and I was sneezing. Of course this could be seasonal allergies too. Clearly my body didn’t like something though. The good news though is that there were no gastrointestinal issues at all. I’ll have to retest corn at a later date when I can aluminate it from the candy I also ate. Since I’m leaving to go out of town soon, I’m not really going to test anything else. When I get back I’ll start over. I definitely enjoy doing the whole 30 for how good I feel when I’m on it, and the weight-loss is nothing to be upset about either. Anyway since this is a conglomeration of many days on one post I’ll just end with a few of the pictures of food that I tried so that I can remember what I ate when I look back. Notice there are no pictures of candy… 😬

Also, I have been exercising at least 5 days a week. On these three days I hiked 8 miles over two of them and took one day to rest.


Reintroduction Day 32

Today I added rice. Because of my known gluten intolerance, rice is a staple for me, and I am hoping there is no reaction here. This day was super interesting for me for another reason, too – I was in a meeting that went through lunch and I wasn’t plagued by thoughts of eating as my normal lunch hour came and went! In fact, I got home and started right into some chores that had to be done before 3:00, and actually forgot I hadn’t eaten! Around 2:00 I realized that I was feeling weak and shaky and it finally dawned on me that I hadn’t eaten. I MIGHT finally be developing a more normal relationship with food, something that excites me more than any other benefit I have seen in the last 32 days. 

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with chopped veggies and bacon

Lunch: chicken breast, roasted broccoli, rice

Dinner: hamburger with rice flour bun, sautéed onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard, roasted potatoes, watermelon

Exercise: 2.7 mile hike

How I felt: In addition to adding rice twice, I also didn’t worry about residual sugar with the ketchup. I felt super great – energy and my mood was stable even with a stressful meeting.

Reintroduction Day 31

Because I had added back stevia through my Plexus Slim two days ago, I decided not to add back anything new today. When I do my next Whole30, I will keep the Slim the whole time. The change with adding it back is remarkable! My sweets cravings that had been plaguing me were gone yesterday and I am waking up easily and without an alarm again! My mood is better and I feel more balanced. Yep, I am not to giving that up again. 

Because I decided to hike 4 miles first thing this morning, my food if a bit off with a snack before the hike, breakfast mid-morning, and a snack at lunch time.

Pre-hike snack: 1/2 Lara bar. This flavor is really good!

Brunch: 3 eggs scrambled with diced veggies and spinach with a piece of chopped bacon.

Lunch-ish snack: banana with cashew butter and other half of the Lara bar.

Dinner: chicken breast, roasted broccoli, roasted fingerling potatoes. 

Exercise: 4 mile hike

How I felt: Well, I had bowel trouble from the salad at lunch yesterday. This has been a consistent pattern I have noticed every time I have had salad this month. I suspected it before, but because I was having so much more bowel trouble in general, I didn’t see the direct correlation as clearly. Other than this, I felt awesome, if a bit sore from the recent hiking.

Whole30 Day 30 (!!)

Hard to believe I am already done with my first Whole30! I might do another because it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. For now I am going to add things to explore intolerances, and I need to have more food options when we are at Disneyland next weekend, but this is a way of eating I can do longer term. 

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with diced veggies and spinach

Lunch: salad (lettuce, hard boiled eggs, 1/2 avocado, chopped turkey, green onions, and chopped bacon) with dressing (Dijon, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and garlic) and strawberries 

Dinner: turkey, green beans, 1/4 nectarine, and 3 strawberries

Exercise: 3 mile hike 

How I felt: Amazing! Just two days back on the Slim and I am realizing what a difference it makes all over again. I felt more balanced and had zero sugar cravings all day. I still need to think about my thoughts on the whole experience, but even though I wish I had lost more weight, I feel like I am ending on a high note.

Whole30 Day 29

Here I am on the last day of this thing – it has been both what I had hoped for and not at the same time. I’ll have to write a recap of all my thoughts tomorrow.

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with chopped veggies, spinach, and slice of bacon.

Lunch: (a bit of a broken record this week) steak, onion, tomato with garlic

Snack: 1 hard boiled egg and dill pickle

Dinner: leftover chicken, broccoli, and carrots

Exercise: two miles on treadmill

How I felt: I only had one sugar craving, and it was short (Thank you, Plexus Slim!) and my energy was good. It wasn’t just that I had energy, but all day I wanted to do more physically. Too bad it was also my day to prepare for co-op day.

Whole30 Day 28

Breakfast: 2 eggs with chopped veggies, spinach, and a slice of bacon, chopped

Lunch: steak, sautéed onion, sautéed tomato with garlic

Afternoon: a caramel 

Dinner: Lara bar, piece of turkey

How I felt: everything fell apart yesterday afternoon! I have been having strong sugar cravings since Saturday, and yesterday I finally ate a chocolate covered caramel. Surprisingly (in a good way) it didn’t taste very good. It tasted fake and not like the explosion of flavor in my mouth that I was looking for. So I am a bit sad that I ate it, but not completely. Contrary to some, I don’t think that one candy negates 28 days of hard work. I added back my Plexus Slim since it is the thing that has helped me with sugar cravings more than anything else. Anyway, other than not feeling very hungry for dinner last night, I do not feel any different from my one candy. I will keep watching that for days 29-30 to see if I notice anything. 

Whole30 Day 27

Today the kids asked me some questions about the Whole30 and one said, “You’ve been happier since you’ve been doing it.” It is telling to me that they have noticed a difference.

Breakfast: 3 eggs, scrambled with chopped veggies and spinach (I forgot to take a picture)

Lunch: steak and sautéed onion

Dinner: chicken, broccoli, carrots, and raspberries 

Exercise: I hiked with my littles 2.75 miles.

How I felt: good. I noticed today that the rough skin on my elbows is gone without any moisturizing efforts on my part. I also had some bowel trouble. I had already wondered about a salad-digestive problem connection, but with salad for lunch yesterday and dinner the night before, it is a clear connection. I need to limit my salads, which is sad because it is my favorite lunch.